Mascot and Paddle Show at As Issued

Last weekend my show at As Issued opened.  It was a brief look at the gear (the Paddles) of Prigus Sport and the Mascots that represent the proud cities that host these terrific teams.   This show is the first public exhibition study of the sport.  I focused on first, the Mascots.  Each city throughout the United States was handpicked, I chose smaller cities that don’t represent the mass appeal of the state.  Also, some states and cities were chosen mainly because they’ve never had a professional team represent them, so that in it’s self was a reason.   The character mascots were researched and designed based on the history of the city where the team resides.  For example- The Akron Goodyears….. Home of the Goodyear tire or The Devils Lake Floods, the area’s lakes are famous for flash flooding when the weather in severe.  Every team’s Mascot has a back story and that makes fun and interesting.

The Paddles, were design based on two things- The colors of the uniforms and what the mascots is.  Some are easily recognizable and some are more obscure than others.  But that is what makes them all so different and fun.  It’s a collection, get them all.  

Below is the official shirt of Prigus Sport.  RVCA was enough to produce the shirt of the league. This is the first one that was released.  The next one will premiere at the "Prigus A Closer Look into the Sport" show at the RVCA gallery in San Francisco next year.