Travel Ad Poster series

Newer paintings featuring select cities, come visit!  See the sites and breathe in the air.  Smells like.....victory.  

Dinosaur Point Mudmen.  Come see Los Banos right off the 152 sandwiched between california's glorious 101 and 5 freeways.

In North Dakota, take a trip to Devil's Lake, Take a dip and stay for the ride.  Bring towel, you will get flooded!

Going Northeast? Bring a jacket because there's a blizzard in town and the winds are coming from Burlington.  Experience Yeti strong winds, stay for a game or two, experience the beauty that only Vermont can offer. 


Knoxville is the home the mysterious giant tree sculptures, just like the pyramids we can only guess how they were created.  No one has ever see the giants, but they are known to exist in these wooded cities.  Knoxville is also the home of the mighty Lumberjack.  They've been serving great prigus matches since 1932.