The Famous Mystery Knox Tree Print is now available!

The Famous Mystery Knox Tree. Just like Great Wall of China, The Crop Circles, The Pyramids of Egypt and Andre the Giant, this mighty carving out of a grand sequoia will always be awed by humans. No one knows how or when it happened, but it is a national treasure as far as the good folks of Knoxville are concerned. Some say that this tree carving has magical powers and that it speaks to a few selected lucky people. The coach of the Lumberjacks claims to be one of these enlightened persons. They do have 7 championships under their belts. So maybe something is true of it. Whatever be the case may be, people from all over the world come and visit this unique site in hopes that they'll will communicate with this tree and learn the secrets from beyond the sun. Some even say it resembles a prigus paddle... 

A little bit of history on the Knoxville Lumberjacks Prigus Sport Club-
The Lumberjacks were established in the second wave of the Prigus Eastern growth period. With all the free open land, and rivers running through Knoxville, the league thought it would be a good fit for a team. The Lumberjacks' name came from the history of the town's industry around 1932. The lumber industry back then was a major source of employment for the town and is still is a bustling business in Knoxville today. Trees were cut down up north and the rivers were used to transport the lumber to the factories. It was like a lumber highway at the peak of the season. There would be festivals scheduled in neighboring towns around the rivers edge to watch the lumber travel south. The meat of the festivals would be centered around the strongmen contests and the annual log boom run in the rivers. The Lumberjacks play in the Pickel Island Tree Farm Stadium with the French Broad River surrounding it.  

Edition of 50 signed and numbered, printed on archival heavy weight fine art paper. Dimensions are 11.5x21 inches for $35!   Visit the shop.