Objective:  To move the Prigus up the field using paddles to knock down the opponent’s pins.  First team to knock down all six pins wins the match.  First team to two matches wins takes the game.

Start of Game:  The Prigus is hit by a ref with the official golden paddle anywhere on the field, and both team’s dogs go after it.  Whichever team dog obtains the Prigus will start the first play at their triangle.  Each match will start this way. Each team will start at their triangle 7 yards from their goal and work up the field until a pin is knocked down. After one team scores, the Prigus will start with the team that has lost a pin, and they will move up the field hoping to get their pin back. This process repeats itself until one team takes all the pins down.

Rules:  Each team has 18 players and one dog to a team, 8 players per team are allowed on the field at one time.  Substitutions of players can only happen during offense.  The team on offense can move the Prigus up the field using their paddles to pass to another player. The teammate who catches the Prigus can take three to five steps then has to either pass or go for the goal.  The offensive team’s dog can run the Prigus up the field to assist players, but the dog can’t score. Only the appointed dog-player can deal with the dog and pass the Prigus to another teammate and only the appointed dogcatcher on defense can apprehend the dog, but only when the dog is in possession of the Prigus.  The dog can’t be tackled or caught by any other player on the opposing team other than their appointed dogcatcher.  The dog is equipped with a bendable rubber rod that looks like a car antenna with a flag on it.  Once the flag is captured, the dog has been caught, but only if the dog possesses the Prigus. The team that is on defense can block, push, hold and intercept the Prigus. When the defensive team gains possession of the Prigus, they become the offensive team and their dog is allowed on the field. The previous offensive team’s appointed dog player must take their team dog to the dog box. This can be a rough game.  Players can push, light tackle or use take down methods to obtain the Prigus.  Penalties are at the discretion of the referees.  The chances of getting hit by the Prigus or a paddle are pretty likely.  Light pads and shin guards are encouraged but not mandatory.

Scoring: The pins are circle disks about 18 inches in circumference, secured by poles that hold them up until a pin is struck down by the Prigus.  When the pin is struck, it will spin from a circle pattern to an x pattern then fall down like a golf flag in a hole.  When a pin goes down, a point is earned. First team to 6 points wins the match. A team can regain their pins back by knocking the opponent’s pins down. It’s a pin for pin game.  The score can go up and down until only two pins remain on the losing team’s side.  Then it’s sudden death and they must stay alive by either defending their goal or knocking the opponent’s pins down to two (a tie) to start gaining pins back.