Virginia City Outlaws


Virginia City was a city of hope and dreams, a city for the taking. Silver mines popped up everywhere and then suddenly BOOM!- a great big fire. In 1936 the Prigus league was moving west on its way to California and found a gem in Virginia City. The The Virginia City Outlaws were born. Named after so many roughnecks causing mischief and sometimes meeting their end in this small town, there's quite a few graves still standing tall. It was an interesting choice for a team's location. Reno was just north of it with a bigger population. Some have speculated that Prigus was to be a game with no on-site gambling. So if that's correct, Reno was an obvious no-go. Virginia City had a history and a great story to go along with it. With the locals and constant tourism, people from all over the country could see the games. The Outlaws may seem like they are in the same category with The Rabun Gap Tigers being a small town, but they have financial backing from Carson City and Lake Tahoe as all three cities benefit from the tourism Prigus brings, making them a bigger market team than what they appear to be. The Outlaws play in the Lake Carson City Stadium looking over the Silver Terrace and Gold Hill Cemeteries.