Wilmington Mudsharks 


The Wilmington Mudsharks were part of the East Coast drive in 1932. Wilmington was selected because of its close proximity to the Lumberjacks, another team that debuted in 1932. During the early 1900's, little mudsharks would swim up the Cape Fear River from the inlet at Bald Head Island and stay in the fresh water and eat whatever was in the river. The Mudsharks have been seen as far north as Lake Sutton. As time went on they got bigger and caused more problems. Unlike the Pelican problem in Norfolk, these sharks were hard to get rid of, and they were tough and tasted horrible. So people recreationally swam at their own risk for years until there came a time when nobody could recall the last mudshark they saw in the river waters. No one knows what happened or why they left the rivers. Wilmington's team decided to go with that tough stubborn river shark for a name. The Mudsharks play on Eagle Island in the Salty Fresh Water Arena surrounded by the Brunswick River to the West and the Cape Fear River to the East.