Tupelo Muroiders


The world's largest rat was caught in Tupelo, Mississippi. It broke all records and is still the champ. It was so big that it was taxidermied, shellaced and put in the town's museum in 1933. A Muroider is the rodent super family, all of them. This Tupelo river rat was the Muroider, the ultimate rat. That's how the Tupelo Muroiders came to be in the Prigus league in 1934. The record holding rat has become somewhat of a myth these days as it was removed. There's been legal battles over the name of the team, some people say it doesn't speak highly of Tupleo or residents who live in the area but the fans and the organization love it. It's been an ongoing dispute for years now with no end in sight. The Muroiders play in Veterans Park Marsh Arena located between several rivers and small bodies of water.