Devils Lake Floods 


The Devils Lake Floods were one of many teams in the western migration of Prigus as it grew in popularity. Established off Highway 1 near Stump Lake, Devils Lake is a interesting story. Due to the many lake runoffs, its water level has been rising since the team's inception there in 1934. The problem is the flooding, which closes down Highway 1, the town's main artery of transportation. There have been several attempts to move the stadium to Bismarck, but all have failed due to the community's love for the team and sport. In 1937, a new stadium was approved along with a new highway. Construction started the following year, cementing the team in Devils Lake and ending the relocation talks. The new stadium was built on stilts, keeping it raised with the highway in the problematic area. The Devils Lake Floods is one of the few teams that was based in a smaller town, but with the new highway, business has grown and so has the town. Devils Lake is known for two things, incredible fishing and Prigus. The Floods play in the Flying Sky Highway Stadium surrounded by lakes on all sides.