Northfolk Pelicans


The Pelicans were one of the four originals teams of Prigus Sport. Norfolk Virginia was chosen due to its equal distance from Rabun Gap and Akron. The Krampus' were the last team of four created. They all share a very similar distance from each other making for easy travels for the early rotation of games. Norfolk, being an early port town, had a Pelican problem. There was an abundance of them, and the birds became aggressive due to human interaction, primarily from feeding them. The reports of Pelican attacks grew to such a number that something had to be done. During the winter of 1920 meat was in high demand and it was expensive. The pelicans resembled a larger chicken, so one thing led to another. It was a big mistake, the Pelicans played a large part in the ecosystem of Norfolk's aquatic community. The level of fish rose, which feed off the bugs and algae. This led to the sea's pH levels becoming unsafe for fishing and recreational use. As a tribute to the Pelican, it became Norfolk's bird. The Norfolk Pelicans Prigus team was inducted the following year. The Pelicans play in Plum Point State Park on the Elizabeth River.