Goleta Riggers


The Goleta Riggers entered the Prigus League in 1936 in sunny Southern California. The coast was and still is famously known for seeing oil riggers a couple miles out pumping for rich minerals. Surfers in Goleta and Isla Vista would often complain that the oil was hard to clean off their feet and boards. It has been a part of the beach scene there for a long time. When the league expressed interest in Southern California, the Riggers found themselves in a similar situation as the Bigfeet. UC Santa Barbara had a major role in negotiating to have the team there in Goleta/Isla Vista and farming straight from the UCSB sports program. Within a couple years after the Riggers were established, the UCSB sports program grew into a world class pool of athletes for the league and allowed top trading leverage as well as countless first round draft picks. Like Washington State, Los Angeles was in talks but couldn't compete. The Riggers play in the UC Santa Barbara Stork Field Stadium in Isla Vista.