The Burlington Yetis


The Yetis were established in the second wave of Prigus teams inducted into the sport's league between 1930-1932. The Yetis were among the East Coast surge of Prigus teams that included the Glenn Falls Mohawks, the Knoxville Lumberjacks and the Wilmington Mud Sharks before it made its way for the Midwest three years later. The Yetis found their home in Burlington in 1930 right on the coast of Lake Champlain. Local drunks would claim they saw mountain men covered in white fur roaming the town in the winter evenings. The folklore became legend, and the legend eventually became a Prigus team. During the beginning of the regulation season the temperatures usually drop so drastically that the bone chilling winds are a home advantage to the Yetis who became adapted to these conditions over the years. Their main rivals right across the lake, the Glen Falls Mohawks, share this temperature drop advantage as well. The Yetis play in the Burlington Mountain Top Arena (BMTA) located on the waterfront of Lake Champlain.