The Prigus Season. October–March is the regular season, Playoffs are in April and the Championship is the 2nd week of May.  It’s 24 weeks of regular season games.  All 18 teams will play 22 games each, eleven home and eleven away games. Each team will play 1 sudden death game in the regular season, which consists of a one round matchup at the team’s stadium who has the better record.  Each team will get one bye week for rest, practice and injury recovery.   A regular season consists of 396 games.   It works out to 16 games a week, with one double header on Saturday, two morning games, and evening games. After the regular season comes to a close, there’s a week break followed by 4 weeks of playoffs, the compete month of April.  Week One is the First round Wild Card match up, Second round Divisional, Third round Divisional Final, Fourth Round is Championship, and on the second week of May is the Prigus Final.   Each match of the playoffs is best of three as in the regular season.  On the fifth and final week, the two teams that advanced all the way to the Prigus Finals go head to head in a best of 5 match in a randomly selected stadium.  The award ceremony will follow the final match in the game.  The champion will be awarded the Prigus Memorial Field Lizard Trophy.



The Wild Card match ups in the North and South divisions are the first round of the playoffs.   This is a sudden death one-match game.  These matches are known for lasting a long time, with a lot of back and forth scoring due the nature of each team's potential season ending loss.  The team that has the better record in the Wild Card match gets home field advantage.  

In the rest of the playoff rounds, the team who wins two of three games takes the win and moves on as in the regular season.  The North League plays Monday, Wednesday and Friday and The South plays Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Keeping one game a day for six days straight, allowing rest and travel between parks.

The Divisional Round: The winner of the wild card match faces the team that's in 3rd place.  

The Divisional Finals: The winner of the Divisional Round faces the team that's in second place.

Championship Round: The winner of the Divisional Finals faces the team that's in first place.

Finals: The champions of both North and South will go head to head in a randomly selected stadium.  The finals are five matches and played throughout the second week of May. The matches are played Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  The first team to win three of five games will be the champion of Prigus Sport.