Rabun Gap Tigers


The Rabun Gap Tigers are the original and first team established in Prigus Sport. In 1922, in the farm lands of Rabun Gap, the game was invented. The Tigers adopted their name from a local farmer who had a pet tiger named Zuben. The tiger was tame and docile. He'd roam around the school's campus and everyone knew him. He became the official mascot of the team and beloved pet of Rabun Gap. The Rabun Gap Nacoochee charter school hosted and watched the sport grow with the rest of the surrounding communities. The sport became a staple and started to gain traction around Georgia. Farm and minor leagues were created in neighboring communities and some in school sports programs. By 1924, four cities were introduced to host the new sport and in 1925 it became a professional game. Rabun Gap has the smallest market in the league, lacking the funding of a big city. Their Prigus program is considered to be the best in the farm and minor circuits. Eventually these circuit players get filtered into the pros. The school has seen so many talented upcoming players through the system, it has been giving them the edge for a long time, making them competitors. With Goleta's UC program and Rabun Gap's farm and minor program they have the most substantial edge that produce the majority of the players that go pro. The Tigers play in the Rabun Gap Nacoochee Farmland Stadium on the school's campus.